It was a pleasant cold morning. She wanted to sleep more but she had to wake up by the acoustic music played by her husband who was preparing breakfast for her. Her morning started with his warm hug and aroma of fresh black coffee. This was the perfect example of good Sunday morning for both of them. She was brushing her teeth, He would stand at the door to see his queen wearing a sexy T shirt, with messy hair & black big eyes. He would see a sexy women & a cute baby in his wife. she turned to hug her husband again. closed her eyes to feel his warmth.

Suddenly alarm went off, she woke up with no one at her home, no music, no coffee…took a minute to come back to reality, the dream was so beautiful! she wanted to go back to sleep to live those blissful moments with her husband. She was coerced to live in reality. If she could, she would never wake up!!!

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