Guest Recipes

“Every recipe prepared by your mom at home is better than an up scale restaurant recipe because the feelings and love she adds is incomparable”.

“Sharing is Awesome” so please share your home recipes with us and we will share with whole world so that they can also enjoy the delight of home cooked food.

Send your recipes at

  1. Mr. Venkatesh shared the recipe of ‘Bhuna GoshtClick here for the recipe
  2. Ms. Rashmi Manapure Gajjar shared the recipe of ‘Misal Pav’;  Misal Click here for the recipe Pav Click here for the recipe
  3. Ms. Virendra Kaur shared the recipe of ‘Paan Bahar KheerClick here for the recipe
  4. Ms. Nandadevi Kalahasti shared the recipe of ‘Home Style Indian Chili ChickenClick here for the recipe
  5. Ms. Deepti Agrawal shared the recipe of ‘Mango Upside-down cakeclick here for the recipe
  6. Ms. Monika Anand Rathore shared the recipe of ‘Chicken LollipopClick here for the recipe
  7. Mr. Anirban Nag shared the recipe of ‘Mango Pancakesclick here for the recipe