Top 10 Most Popular Mocktails


Mocktails are delicious, hydrating non alcoholic drinks which are awesome for gathering of people who prefer non alcoholic beverages over alcoholic ones. Most Mocktail recipes contain at least one or more fruits or fruit juices. We can offer it to kids as it contains no alcohol.


It is also a social practice to keep the summer temperatures down at various events and gatherings by serving these non alcoholic beverages.

As a host you really have to take care of it. So,  we have recipes of mocktails which can be prepared easily at home. We have a collection of top 10 mocktails which are equally loved by adults and kids.

  1. Virgin Mary Click here for the recipe
  2. Classic shirley temple Click here for the recipe
  3. Virgin mojito Click here for the recipe
  4. Virgin mint lemonade Click here for the recipe
  5. Atomic cat  Click here for the recipe
  6. Virgin daiquiri Click Here for the recipe
  7. Bellini Click here for the recipe 
  8. Non alcoholic fizz Click here for the recipe
  9. Virgin sangria Click here for the recipe
  10. Pomegranate spritzer Click here for the recipe


So, let’s save these recipes for next gathering and hydrate guests with delicious drinks.