Vaisakhi (Harvesting Festival of Punjab) Special

Punjabi Cuisine is a tasty fusion of Indian and Pakistani Cuisine with few variations. This cuisine is so traditional that every bite of the food makes you feel delighted with earthy flavors and aroma of holy soil. The local cuisine of Punjab is heavily influenced by the agriculture and farming lifestyle.


Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery flavors along with the extensive vegetarian and meat dishes. Main dishes include Sarson da saag-makki di roti.

On 14th April 2017, the festival of vaisakhi is celebrated in North India, especially in Punjab. This festival is a celebration of harvesting season. It is one of the most auspicious festival that is been celebrated with folk dance and serving traditional food to Friends and Family.

When you are in festive mood, your happiness should be reflected on the food you serve!

Here, we have a list of complete meal that your guests will love!

  1. Kesar Pista Lassi (Sweet Yogurt Drink) Click here for the recipe
  2. Amritsari Macchli (Fish Fry) Click here for the recipe
  3. Tandoori Chicken kebab Click here for the recipe
  4. Makke ki roti- Sarso ka Saag Click here for the recipe
  5. Chole Click here for the recipe Bhature Click here for the recipe
  6. Mango Kesar Phirni Click here for the recipe
  7. Coconut Laddu Click here for the recipe

So, lets save these recipes for the harvesting festival. It’s truly delicious to serve traditional Drink, Appetizer, Main course and Dessert for such a traditional festival.